00 PRINT–NESS 12/22

Serving as my thesis degree project at the Rhode Island School of Design, Print–ness is an exploration and investigation into print and how the people around me expirience print.

The magazine encourages play within each page. The unoffical format allows for an interactive expirience. Indicators throughout the pages invite tearring, cutting, marking, coloring, and removing content. There is an openness which creates room for the reader to interpret their own indicators. Remove, rearrange, redact, or reinvent content.

The content of these pages is not to be taken too seriously. Rather, it is my hope that the reader draws inspiration, finds something to love, finds something to hate, and allows something to leave with them each time they open the cover. Drawing upon print’s inherent qualities, this bound stack of papers should serve as a playground. Dog ear favorite pages, rip out ones you can’t stand. Glue in things left out and scribble out the things that should have been. Take your lecture notes on the back. Jot down your grocery list on the front. Allow these pages to guide your fingers and stimulate your senses as you explore print-ness. 

View the entire first issue here.

Printed by Mixam. 8.5”x11”.
1/50 Editions. Sold out.

is a graphic designer, typographer, + creative director currently based in New York, New York. Emma is a multi-disciplinary designer, creative, and problem solver. Her approach to design is generative, dynamic, and organized. Many of her personal design endeavors explore themes of experimentality, print-ness, design for surface, and variation in modes of making.

Emma enjoys creating identity systems, designing type, dabbling in 3D modeling, and all things print. Having expirience in various pockets of the industry, she is well versed in editorial print design, agency life, and now in-house digital design.

Emma holds a BFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Emma is currently at Rag & Bone as the digital designer. Emma is additionally a ceramicist and contemporary painter.

Emma is always looking for opportunities to strengthen and develop her design skills, exercise her creativity and curiosity, and create community through collaboration. Currently, she is accepting freelance inquiries.

Emma is currently based in New York, New York.

Rag & Bone
Chandelier Creative
Baron & Baron
Black Math
Martha Stewart Living

Previously, Emma has worked with clients such as Dior Magazine, Mugler, Louis Vuitton, Zara Home+, rhode, SKIMS, Neiman Marcus, NARS, and Khaite.

Rag & Bone
SONDER Ceramics

Chandelier Creative
Black Math
Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Lamar Dodd School of Art C-U-B-E Gallery, Athens, GA
Sort Later, Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence, RI
Gonda Fund Awarded Recipient
Sounds About Riso 4.0 Gallery, Dumbo, NY
Portals: RISD Graphic Design Triennial, Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence, RI
Interview with Laura Brown / The Brown Daily Herald

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