03 BOOKS: A BOOK ON BOOKS, 11/22 Inspired from a trip to the 2022 NYABF (New York Art Book Fair), this publication documents the physical interaction between myself and the printed matter being shared, displayed, and sold. 

During my trip I saw a poster displayed by a local book seller that said “Read Books, Buy Books, Buy Local.” Feeling connected to the poster and its message, each page of this publication aims to convey the tactile joy and excitement of books and printed matter. 

Without the use of the digital (ie. InDesign or Photoshop), I collected as many forms of physical + printed matter from the fair that I could. The result was a tote bag full of business cards, bookmarks, receipts, novels, posters, and screen-printed apparel.

Upon returning to Providence, I sifted through the treasures I had collected, individually and collectively scanning items (parts + whole) on a black and white xerox copy machine. Leaning into the raw and analog feeling of the machine, I attempted to imprint the presence of the hand into the copies, manipulating the image by moving the item/s across the bed or overlapping prints on-top of one another. Other times, I allowed the scan-bed to capture the image uninterrupted.

Perfect-binding each double-sided page, over time the publication formed itself. The cover of the publication is an unfoldable poster on semi-transparent butcher paper, which can be used as a traditional book cover, or unfolded and hung up as a wall poster. 

Book 1/3 in Scan Series.

is a graphic designer, typographer, + creative director currently based in New York, New York. Emma is a multi-disciplinary designer, creative, and problem solver. Her approach to design is generative, dynamic, and organized. Many of her personal design endeavors explore themes of experimentality, print-ness, design for surface, and variation in modes of making.

Emma enjoys creating identity systems, designing type, dabbling in 3D modeling, and all things print. Having expirience in various pockets of the industry, she is well versed in editorial print design, agency life, and now in-house digital design.

Emma holds a BFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Emma is currently at Rag & Bone as the digital designer. Emma is additionally a ceramicist and contemporary painter.

Emma is always looking for opportunities to strengthen and develop her design skills, exercise her creativity and curiosity, and create community through collaboration. Currently, she is accepting freelance inquiries.

Emma is currently based in New York, New York.

Rag & Bone
Chandelier Creative
Baron & Baron
Black Math
Martha Stewart Living

Previously, Emma has worked with clients such as Dior Magazine, Mugler, Louis Vuitton, Zara Home+, rhode, SKIMS, Neiman Marcus, NARS, and Khaite.

Rag & Bone
SONDER Ceramics

Chandelier Creative
Black Math
Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Lamar Dodd School of Art C-U-B-E Gallery, Athens, GA
Sort Later, Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence, RI
Gonda Fund Awarded Recipient
Sounds About Riso 4.0 Gallery, Dumbo, NY
Portals: RISD Graphic Design Triennial, Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence, RI
Interview with Laura Brown / The Brown Daily Herald

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